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Recognized as the leader in the daily fantasy marketplace, both in the amount of active players and guaranteed prizes, DraftKings has firmly entrenched themselves as the go to shop for DFS players. Recently valued at over $1 Billion, this industry titan its clients and investors are well positioned for a prosperous future.

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99Review of DraftKings

The following review of DraftKings will tell you everything you need to know before playing there, such as customer service, tournaments, and down-time. Not unlike how everyone uses Google to search the internet, DraftKings is the location that every daily fantasy player should hold an account at. From bonuses offered, to the VIP store, to massive guaranteed prizes, DraftKings has something for the player of every level.

DraftKings Sign Up Bonus

With one the of the highest initial deposit bonuses in the industry, it definitely pays to open an account at DraftKings. By entering our DraftKings promo code above, or by simply clicking on a DraftKings logo on our site, you can guarantee yourself a 100% match of your first deposit up to $600.

As this sign up bonus is only offered on your first deposit, be sure to deposit the maximum amount you are comfortable with. After all, the more free money DraftKings is willing to give you, means the more chances you get to become the next DraftKings millionaire.

How to Open a DraftKings Account

The process of getting started and playing for real money is remarkably easy, and designed so that you the player can get into the prize pool as quickly and easily as possible. All that is required to open a DraftKings account, is a valid email address your legal name and an original username to identify your account by. Click on any DraftKings banner on our site to start the signup process. In doing so, you’ll guarantee yourself the 100% match bonus offered to all clients of the DFS Doctors.

After you have created the account you will be taken to a deposit page. Here you can enter in the amount you wish to deposit (Remember, the higher your initial deposit the higher the bonus you will receive) along with your credit card or PayPal information. If you do not wish to deposit immediately and would like to get a feel for the site, click on “Lobby” in the top left corner of the deposit page and you will be able to see all of the contests offered.

When you are ready to play real money daily fantasy sports, select the the green ‘Deposit’ button on the top right hand corner of the website and follow the steps outlined above. For further information on your DraftKings deposit and withdrawal options, scroll down to the end of this review.

Loyalty Programs

We hope you didn’t think that DraftKings was making you earn all of those FPP’s just to release your bonus. If that were the case, there would be no point in earning them once you had completed the requirement. What can I get with my DraftKings FPP balance you may find yourself wondering? DraftKings operates a VIP Store, where your points can be exchanged for all sorts of goodies. From tshirts to sports apparel, hot sauce to VIP experiences with DraftKings various partners.

When your partners are the leagues your players make their lineups on, you can be damn sure the VIP Experiences are truly that….VIP. You could take batting practice at Miller Park, or if working up a sweat isn’t your thing, how does a luxury suite for you and a friend to see the Texas Rangers take on the Los Angeles Angels?

If baseball isn’t your thing, then use those points for lessons from a World Series of Poker professional. Of course, if you’re only on DraftKings for the money and not the fame, those FPP’s can be used for tournament buy-ins as well. Not only does DraftKings award you a generous bonus, they let you use the points you have to accumulate to enter even more tournaments. This isn’t a free site by any means, but by the time you’ve received every that comes with being a DraftKings player, you may just think that it is.


But wait, there’s more. If you’re still not satisfied with all of the perks, look no further for satisfaction than the promotions offered by DraftKings in the form of mega payout guaranteed tournaments. Focusing on the NFL, PGA, MLB and NBA these aptly named Millionaire Maker tournaments can turn your buy-in into one million dollars should you grab the top position.

With entry fee’s ranging from $3 to $20, the opportunity for untold riches is available to every level of player. When you look at the list of places of this planet where $3 can turn into $1,000,000 at the crack of the bat, or a toss of the ball, the list is a rather short one with DraftKings positioned firmly at the top.

Guaranteed Tournaments

For the daily fantasy player, there is no greater joy than placing first in a large scale tournament. Known as Guaranteed Prize Payouts in the industry, the GPP tournament is the backbone of a large and robust player pool. We’re all in this to have a little fun while making money, so it stands to reason that the more players you compete against the sweeter the victory will be.

The GPP is the food that brings us all to the table, and towards that regard DraftKings is a buffet. Featuring daily guaranteed tournaments with prize pools hovering in the six figures, there is no better place for the player with a dream of riches than DraftKings. Pick any sport on any day and you’ll see multiple tournaments with $100,000 plus prize pools available for your taking. By selecting the “Featured” section of the main lobby, you’ll see $25,000,000 in guaranteed prize money. No site can come close to matching this.

Customer Service

The professionalism that the playing experience embodies carries over to the customer support of DraftKings. Whatever your issue may be, they are ready to solve the problem. From the Contact Us section of the website, located in the drop down menu under your username, you’re given the option to fill out a form on the website. This form then registers your issue in their system. You and the DraftKings representative receive a ticket number which is how you should reference your concern in future correspondence with them. DraftKings will then work with you until a mutual resolution is reached.

If the web form isn’t your style, you can always email [email protected]. In no time at all, you’ll receive an automated response that DraftKings is looking into your email. The only thing missing from DraftKings contact page is a phone number, yet one exists. One can only imagine that it’s not published because DraftKings doesn’t have the customer service force to handle the call volume, and therefore only the most esteemed individuals are trusted with the digits. Generally the call will go to a voice mail message, by leaving your name, username, and phone number a DraftKings representative will contact you as soon as possible. Albeit this is the slowest method, but if you wish to speak with someone, the DraftKings customer service phone number is (508) 690-0014. Long distance charges will apply. We here at DFS Doctors look forward to the day that DraftKings has a dedicated toll free customer service number.

Depositing and Withdrawing

You have five deposit options on DraftKings with all major credit and debit cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted along with associated prepaid credit cards. Transfers from PayPal, which allows you the option of depositing directly from your checking account, are accepted and recommended for ease of withdrawal. Once you are on the deposit page, DraftKings auto loads four deposit amounts; $25, $100, $250 and $600. You are also given the option to set your own amount.The minimum deposit is $5 with the maximum allowed for initial accounts set at $2000. If you wish to have a higher deposit amount, DraftKings requires your account to be documented before your limit is raised.

DraftKings attempts to make the withdrawal process as smooth and pain free as depositing. When in the cashier, you will notice the option to withdraw located on the left hand side of the page. In an effort to combat fraud, DraftKings will process the amount of your last deposit back to the depositing option while paying out the remainder of the withdrawal via PayPal or Check. To facilitate this DraftKings requires you to verify your account at the time of withdrawal.

Their terms and conditions state the following; “Entrants may be requested to complete an affidavit of eligibility and a liability/publicity release (unless prohibited by law) and/or appropriate tax forms and forms of identification including but not limited to a Driver’s License, Proof of Residence, and/or any information relating to payment/deposit accounts as reasonably requested by DraftKings in order to complete the withdrawal of prizes.“ Generally we take this to mean DraftKings will require your account to be verified for all withdrawals of a substantial amount, with the amount requiring verification being determined by DraftKings.

If you are depositing via gift card, we recommend keeping a copy of that card on file should any problems arise with the DraftKings withdrawal process. You must be prepared to provide the following documentation should DraftKings request it: copy of your Driver’s License or Government issued photo ID, copy of the debit/credit card used to deposit, copy of utility bill or proof of residence. If you are unable to provide the above documentation, DraftKings may withhold or at the very worst confiscate your withdrawal/account balance.

DraftKings processes withdrawals Monday to Friday from 9a EST to 5p EST. Once the request is processed, it typically takes 2-7 business days for the withdrawal to arrive, depending on the withdrawal method selected. They currently offer two withdrawal options: PayPal or a Check by mail. Both are secure, however, because PayPal is dealing with electronic transfers they are the fastest option should you wish to be paid quickly.

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