DraftKings NHL Goalie Projections

Like all other forms of daily fantasy, the main fallacy that befalls many players is the belief that you have to roster the “best” player at each position in order to secure a win. Such thinking will be the downfall of many a DraftKings entrant, as the “best” goalie in the National Hockey League isn’t always the one with the biggest contract.

The three points awarded for a win by the DraftKings NHL Scoring setup mean that in order to compete in any contest, your goalie is going to have to pick up the W for his team, and yours. Our NHL Goalie Projections formulate a winning percentage for each goalie, drawing on the strength of the betting market, to identify high upside players. We then project for the flow of the game, to determine how many shots each team will face, which directly relates to the number of saves the opposing goalie is expected to make.

Combining these two metrics plus an adjustment for predicted goals allowed strengthens the DFS Doctors numbers to the point that glaring inconsistencies emerge in the DraftKings pricing. Our value goalies will allow you to fill your forward, center and defensive positions with a higher caliber player, thus ensuring your team has a high ceiling day in and day out.

NHL Goalie Projections for DraftKings

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