Daily Fantasy Promotions

As more and more operators enter the daily fantasy industry to offer real money games, they must differentiate themselves from the competition. As the general concept of DFS is the same no matter where you look, set the best lineup win the money, sites need to sweeten the prospective pot with varying promotions to entice new and current customers. At, we save you the time and effort of sorting through all of these exciting promotions by doing the grunt work for you.

DFS Guaranteed Tournaments

Perhaps the most important promotion offered to today’s players is the lure of the GPP. These are tournaments in which the prize pool is guaranteed, and will pay out as advertised regardless of the amount of players entered. Depending on the size of the site, these guaranteed tournaments can turn you into a millionaire through the course of a day. Whether you chose to play NFL, CFB, MLB, NBA, NASCAR or NHL, there is a site out there with the right GPP for you.

Fantasy Sports VIP Loyalty Programs

Not all promotions come in the form of cash, as many sites to chose to offer loyalty programs to their players. By entering fantasy sports contests, these sites allow the player to accumulate frequent player points which can then be redeemed for merchandise, apparel, contest entries and even VIP experiences. Not all operators offer loyalty programs, so it’s best to investigate the ones that do and don’t before joining up.

Daily Fantasy Social Media Promos

Promotions change on a weekly, and even daily basis given the popularity of Facebook and Twitter contests. It can become too much for any one person to organize and keep track of. At DFS Doctors, we lay out all of the social media promotions the daily fantasy industry offers on one platform, simplifying the decision process for you. Be sure to check back often, as promotions come and go with the regularity of the clock striking twelve.

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