Daily Fantasy NCAA Football Projections

Daily Fantasy Projections for NCAA Football

While most players will focus on NFL contests, a true DFS Doctor realizes the importance of expanding their horizons to include the NCAA.

College Football provides a great spot for softer action, because many of the competitors are not as well versed in the game as they are it’s bigger brother. If this sounds like you, use our college football fantasy advice to further your team.

Utilizing our daily fantasy NCAA football projections will give you the tools needed to build optimal college lineups, while identifying DFS value plays that you can use on the Saturday slate. Of course we don’t only focus on Saturday, providing info for all contest eligible games so that you will be prepared regardless of the day.

DFS CFB Strategy

We carefully highlight players which can help you win your fantasy leagues. Using our DFS CFB strategy, you’ll be able to locate match-up strengths and weaknesses. Some games have a low projected total score; We eliminate these players from our lineups leaving our teams with a high ceiling for success.

Upon the completion of all major tournaments hosted by our recommended sites, we download all of the contest data. Using this information we calculate the ownership percentage for all available players. We further drill down to the teams and players with ownership levels higher than others finding the games which receive the attention of the competition.

Teams, players and games that will see significant ownership and project well on a weekly basis are good for 50/50’s, Double Ups and Head to Heads. For guaranteed tournaments, we can help you build a unique lineup by targeting those college football players with a high projection and lower ownership, keys to long term GPP success.

Daily Fantasy Tools

Our college football performance projections coupled with our predictions on ownership levels, will assure that you have an optimized lineup to win your fantasy leagues. Applying DFSDoctors.com daily fantasy game theory will separate you from the pack. Identify players with low ownership so that you can utilize them in GPP’s. If you’re playing the same low ceiling high ownership players as everyone else, finishing out of the money is a distinct reality.

With our tools, you can field a low ownership high upside team while at the same time building a safer lineup for use in grinding out profit from 50/50’s, Double Ups and Head to Head contests. As the goal of a 50/50 is to finish in the top half, the winning move is to play a lower ceiling higher ownership lineup. Our information can be utilized in both situations on the quest for a positive return on your DFS investments.

Winning College Football Lineups

Success can be hard to come by when entering teams based on what you see on TV every week. To build winning college football lineups you must analyze all of the statistics in order to simulate the outcome of each game.

You could rely on Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and the rest of the College GameDay panel for your daily fantasy advice. You can also get surgery in the back of a van parked in a dark alley. Both may turn out to be the right move at the time, but eventually infection sets in leaving you poor and destitute wondering where you went wrong.

Stay away from the van, the candy it offers is not medically recommended.

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