Daily Fantasy Projections – Baseball

Daily Fantasy BaseballAmerica’s favorite past time is as popular as ever, with the rise of daily fantasy sports, it’s only bound to grow bigger. Everything we do is done using predictive analytics, transforming our models that were primarily used to defeat the sports betting market into a machine that predicts the future performance of baseball players with a focus on daily fantasy scoring systems.

We have spent years on our algorithms, perfecting forward looking numbers that mean our daily fantasy baseball projections don’t care what a player did last week. We live in the now, and focus on what he will do today.

Optimal MLB Lineups

But knowing what a player will do today is of no consequence without inputting the scoring systems for the various DFS sites on the market. Our countless hours spent in the clinic, mean that you don’t have to worry about these important factors.

Our numbers project for all situations, at all sites, for all tournament formats allowing you to build optimal MLB lineups. Whether it is a guaranteed, head to head, or a satellite tournament, our research will leave you feeling in top shape about your winning prospects.

Daily Fantasy Ownership Percentages

Not only do we predict potential DFS scores for all baseball players, we also apply Game Theory to our selections. Perhaps the most important part of building a winning lineup, is building a winning lineup that not many other people have. After all, you’re in it to win the top prize, not split it with other players.

At DFSDoctors.com, we look back at all completed contests in an attempt to formulate who will be owned the following week. Using our daily fantasy ownership percentages, your lineups can find long term success. A player that scores 30 points while being owned in 2% of lineups is far more valuable than a player owned in 30% that scores 30 points. We make this information available to all players looking to gain an edge over the competition.

DFS Baseball

The DFS Doctors have done it.
Your daily lineup has won it.
Without using a top priced player all the while.
The competing lineup’s illness made us smile.
While their bankrolls lay unconscious on the bathroom tile.
We’re talking DFS baseball.
From Maine to San Diego.
Talking baseball. Donaldson and Machado.
Chris Davis’ ridiculously swollen arms.
A-Rod and his run-ins with the law.
We’re talking homers…Big Papi and Kershaw.
We’re talking homers…Big Papi and Kershaw.

The Original Simpson’s Softball Song

In the early 1990s, “The Simpsons” was the most popular show on television, broadcasting an insane streak of quality shows that were talked about in every office and school the next day. One of the more popular episodes of the 1992 season was titled “Homer at the Bat”, and featured cameos from the greatest baseball players of that generation.

There are a few interesting historical footnotes to the episode: it was the first Simpsons episode to win its time slot against The Cosby Show, at least two people in real life were saved from choking to death due to the episode having a brief segment on administering the Heimlich Maneuver, and the show actually predicted Don Mattingly’s eventual conflict with his coaching staff over cutting his hair. The other item of note is that Jose Canseco’s wife wouldn’t allow him to appear in the show if the scene of him waking up in bed next to Edna Krabappel stayed in the episode.

It’s hard to understand why Ryne Sandberg and Carlton Fisk turned down the opportunity to guest star on one of the biggest shows in network history – it’s safe to say they’re kicking themselves now. Anyway, here’s Terry Cashman with his retooled hit, “Talkin’ Softball”.


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