DraftKings – NCAA Football Projections

When daily fantasy sports came to college football, the DFS Doctors were uniquely positioned to take immediate advantage of the DraftKings pricing structure. We were already applying our NCAA databases and algorithms to predicting the sports betting market, so with a few minor adjustments, we were able to take the scoring structure for DraftKings CFB and implement it into our model that projected totals for NCAA football propositions. We were now able to utilize our predictions for passing rushing and receiving yardage twofold. We used completions, rushing attempts and receptions to derive these yardage forecasts which again lent themselves to building stronger DraftKings NCAA Football projections. After reverse engineering the DraftKings pricing structure, we’re confident that you’ll be able take advantage of all of the value plays that are available. Feel free to implement our suggestions and score all of the touchdowns by optimizing your lineup the easy way at DFSDoctors.com.

NCAA Football Projections for DraftKings

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