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There is a belief that you cannot accurately project mixed martial arts performance using only data. The Doctors contend that it is not impossible, it simply requires a learned medical professional’s expertise. Never go into a fight ill equipped, the doctors have you covered with the best DraftKings MMA projections in the octagon. Sample size is an issue with fighters, as many only fight a few rounds a year, which leaves you with limited points of reference.

To accurately project fighter performance we rely heavily on historical fighter comparisons and contact data. Using these comparison metrics, our predictions zero in on the fights with the highest possibility for a good fantasy point score. Where we don’t believe a fight will end quickly, our model looks for those battles that will be full of takedowns, knockdowns and reversals giving more weight to these events. Using our total fantasy points and fantasy points per dollar spent projections, you can build an optimal lineup for all UFC events.

Since becoming the official partner of the UFC in February 2015, the MMA product has grown exponentially with plenty of nice things forecast for the future. Knock out your DFS competition and fight the good fight with DFSDoctors.com

UFC Projections for DraftKings


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