Daily Fantasy Projections

Daily Fantasy Projections

If you are entering a contest without doing any statistical research, you are destined to finish outside of the money. The simple fact is that the top players employ advanced research with complex game modeling before entering a lineup. For most players that level of complexity is unreachable, but by using our free daily fantasy projections, you too can hang with the best.

We analyze all sports offered by our recommend sites. Whether your daily fantasy involves football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, MMA, NASCAR, soccer or eSports you can utilizing our proprietary algorithm to identify a winning lineup combination. DFSDoctors.com is dedicated to producing accurate free projections for all DFS contests.

Tools to Analyze Player Rankings

Before predicting fantasy output for any sport, we build a database of past results which we use to construct a baseline score for what an average player can be expected to produce for the given sport from a given position. We use this baseline score as a starting point for all of our projected stats, which ensures that our numbers do not deviate too far from what an average player can be expected to produce.

Our tools compare this analysis to the player rankings on our recommend sites, coming up with a multiplier that expresses our expected value in relation to the pricing. You can quickly and easily identify which player is the best for each position in your lineup. Remember that the highest scoring daily fantasy player over the course of the season is probably not the player projected to score the most points on any given day resulting from the match up they face. Our simulation heavily accounts for the competition a player is expected to face, leaving our projections safe from any recency bias.

DFS Value Picks

We give you projections for all players, leaving you to chose how to build your own optimal lineup, implementing our projections as you see fit. If you don’t have the time, you can use our Doctor recommended DFS value picks to fill out your team. While we’re more than happy to provide information on how each player will perform, giving out complete lineups is not our forte.

We’ll give you the keys to our rocket car, and tips on how to drive it, but if you want to impress your date you won’t do it sitting on our laps while you pretend to operate the wheel. After all, if we gave away the winning lineup every day the potential winnings would reduce as every similar lineup entered reduces the take.

No matter which way you lean, the best daily fantasy lineup tools are available to all of our visitors.

Winning Daily Fantasy Lineups

Regardless of where you chose to play, we have you covered. Consult our list of top operators to figure out what site is best for your needs. Rest assured, if we are recommending a site we will also be recommending the top DFS plays to go with it.

Like good doctors, we’ve got the entire prescription to build a winning daily fantasy lineup. Whether you are looking for value plays, player projections or ownership statistics our emergency room comes fully stocked with championship advice. Your game will stay healthy with us on your side.

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