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Daily Fantasy Projections MMAOf all of the modern sports today, none can trace their roots as far back as Mixed Martial Arts. Bearing a striking similarity to the Greek Olympic sport of Pankration, a combination of wrestling and boxing that dates to 648 BC, current MMA only differs in the amount of rules put in place to protect the athletes. While Pankration had two rules, no biting and no eye gouging, the list of disallowed UFC maneuvers stretches 30 long.

Hegias of Athens and Pythagoras only had to worry about which fighter would survive when making their daily fantasy MMA projections, the modern player must account for much more. While some UFC fighters may win the majority of their matches, the manner in which they do may not lend to high fantasy scores and thus justify paying a price to roster the player. Picking the winner is important but not as important as picking the fighter who will win the most DFS points. These two aren’t always mutually exclusive. Recognizing this distinction is what will separate the doctors from the patients.

MMA Projections

Figuring out which fighter will win a match while producing a high fantasy score means you must determine who will win their fight quickly, as scoring is heavily correlated to a fast finish. Our MMA projections will identify situations where the fight is predicted to end in the first or second round, valuing these matches over others.

We realize that building a lineup with all first round knockouts or submissions is a lofty task, so to back up our entries we analyze the matches that will go the distance while adding up points via the various scoring metrics each site utilizes. Historical fighter data solidifies our rankings, leaving the DFS Doctors having their hand raised in victory more often than not.

UFC Picks

Relying on a computer algorithm to determine the best fighters to invest our money in means we’re never influenced by rumors. Our UFC picks are devoid of bias, meaning our MMA selections are made based off of the most statistically sound fighters.

A common mistake made by players beginning at combat sports DFS is relying too much on name recognition. As such the ownership percentages on the big names can be detrimental to success, after all, in MMA daily fantasy a player on the under card is just as likely to score big as the one in the main event.

Such is the nature of the beast and thus you must know ALL of the fighters on the card to profit. The best players are targeting the early matches, so why not you?

Fighter Rankings

There is a clear advantage to be had by stepping into the daily fantasy octagon. Most players are not well versed in the sport which means plenty of soft action filling up tournaments, as people look to have some skin in the game when watching a UFC PPV. Our fighter rankings will allow you build an optimal lineup to take advantage of these casual players, both in guaranteed tournaments and 50/50 bankroll building.

You’ll be ready to rumble in any fantasy sports fight and will show the winning results you’ve come to expect using DFSDoctors.com approved projections.

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