Mission Statement

The Doctors Oath

The DFS Doctors are a collection of the sharpest sports minds in the industry today. A Wu-Tang Clan, if you will, of learned professionals each bringing a special skill to the group. Each member has spent years perfecting their craft in their chosen fields.

We’ve produced odds for the sports gambling industry, compiled databases that are utilized by thousands of people a day and quoted in the sports media, built computer models that can predict the future, and engineered lineup constructing algorithms producing only the highest quality player performances indicators in the world.

Through a twist of fate, the clan was formed to harness their collective powers to conquer the daily fantasy sports market. We can boast of large tournament wins, and an ROI north of 60% from grinding away at 50/50 games in every sport available. We are proud to provide the finest DFS projections available on the internet today, in order to give you an edge that will extend the life of your bankroll.

We are Doctors, helping people is what we do.

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