DraftKings NHL Player Projections

A common theme you’ll hear us stress throughout our hockey projections, is the need to employ correlated lineups for all of your entries, whether it be GPP or a cash game make sure you aren’t using a single player from a single team. Always make sure the selections you make for your lineup are line mates as well on the ice.

Our DraftKings National Hockey League Player Projections are built with correlation in mind. Rest assured, if we are projecting one player to score a goal, we’ve also projected one of his line mates to record an assist.

Most importantly, we take the betting market in to account. This allows us to quickly identify which games project to be high scoring and which games not. From there, we can isolate the players expected to see big minutes and high shot totals. We play off the collective intelligence of the masses, and apply that to our DFS NHL Picks. In doing so, we find the value that is often missed by the competition. As the pricing at DraftKings is not directly tied in to this market, our technique will identify incorrectly priced players for you to take advantage.

For cash games, focus on our DraftKings Points projections, build your lineups with safe players that won’t deviate too far from their averages. For GPP, sort using the Value feature, and load your lineup with the bullets that appear.

NHL Player Projections for DraftKings

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