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Our numbers are made using one of the most advanced game simulators in the world. Each player that we project is run through thousands of simulated plate appearances which are then averaged out creating both a floor and a ceiling for that players potential points. We believe that to create accurate DraftKings Major League Baseball projections, game simulation is an absolute necessity. Baseball projections are the most complex of all the sports given the need to properly sequence events, as each player’s success is highly dependent on those around him in the batting order.

Imagine knowing that your player will be up with the bases loaded, or that there’s a good chance the pitcher on the mound is prone to giving up stolen bases. Our simulator takes into account the odds of that happening and reflects it in our final numbers. Whether you need a few more bats to fill out your optimal lineup or wish to know which pitcher projects to have a high strikeout total our predictions have you covered.

If you use any other method to arrive at a final lineup, you’re doomed to strikeout on winning. Use the DFSDoctors.com free projections for DraftKings baseball contests to avoid a trip to the ER and walk off with the big check.

***Given the current state of the Daily Fantasy market, which has directly affected the player pools for baseball, we can no longer post our projections as the edge we’ve all enjoyed has been reduced to the point that it is not viable for us to share this information. We sincerely hope that the law makers behind any legislation and the companies due to benefit from it can come to a mutually agreed upon solution in the quest to Make Daily Fantasy Sports Great Again. Feel free to ask any questions related to daily fantasy baseball on the Twitter machine and we’ll do our best to answer***

MLB Batter Projections for DraftKings


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