NHL Goalie Projections

RonHextall No JerseyDominic Hasek was once quoted; “Only Dunlop has seen more rubber than I have”. The Dominator is the exact type of goalie you’ll find at the top of our list for. When we make our NHL goalie projections, we look for winners that will see plenty of shots that don’t reach the scoreboard.

The DFS Doctors realize that hockey is a team game, so factoring in the defensive strength of the entire team is key to determining how many pucks will end up in each keepers net. Our NHL goalie picks look for the keepers on teams likely to win the William M. Jennings trophy, not the Vezina Award.

Combining all of these plus the factors listed below leave us believing our numbers will have you growing a Stanley Cup beard in no time.

NHL Odds

We use data from the most liquid betting markets in the world to determine the win percentages and appropriate distribution of points awarded for a Fantasy Goalie win to make our projections. Many players fail to realize the fungibility (look it up) of the goalie position, and thus discard perfectly good lineup options without realizing that the teams win probability doesn’t drop enough to warrant not including the player. Ours do not do this, because we harness the collective knowledge of bettors worldwide to avoid such pitfalls.

Combining the market NHL odds with our our own forward looking projections will see the unsung heroes emerge as leading, affordable priced, candidates for your DFS lineup. After all, in other sport than hockey does a win result from a team effort, which is something all players should not forget.

Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategy

With goalies having so few scoring metrics for DFS, it’s vastly important to excel at predicting them if you hope to have any edge over your competition at that position. For the most part, this means you have to account for Win and Saves. While predicting for two stats may seem easy, it gets challenging quickly when you realize that the only way to predict a goalies potential saves, is to figure out how many shots each player on the opposing team will take. What was once a small job has morphed in to full on game modelling that is crucial to any winning daily fantasy hockey strategy.

Predicting for pace of play is exceedingly hard for the NHL, but we feel as though we’ve cracked the code. Our goalie fantasy points are in line with our shot projections, which have proved accurate during back testing.

Fantasy Goalie Rankings

Going with a value goalie is a great way to fit full team power play skating lines in to your DFS entry. Doing so creates optimal lineups that are good to play in both GPP and Cash games. Our daily fantasy goalie rankings will always highlight multiple cheap options with a high points ceiling.

You’ll also notice many players sporting a higher salary will be farther down our list. These are the goalies to avoid, they all have an extremely low ceiling, using them would be a gamble at best. If you are going to pay up for a keeper, make sure their team is favored to win the game, if not the high price should be avoided.

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