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Dr. Jack Kevorikian

The DFS Doctors are a collection of experts drawn from the fields of finance, predictive analytics, data science, engineering, sports media and gambling. We use forward looking equations to project which players have a mathematical edge over another.

Our models apply proprietary decision making which removes any personal bias to produce the best numbers to construct your daily fantasy lineup. The best part of this site is that you don’t have to understand any of the above paragraph to use our projections. Everything is laid out in an easy to use format, allowing you to optimize your daily fantasy lineups to increase your odds of a successful return on your investment. Although none of us has an actual PhD in medicine, we’re all experts in our chosen fields. Some of you may recognize our names from Twitter, but we’ve never fully disclosed our backgrounds…until now.

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Affectionately known as Rob Pizza to his legion of fans, Rob used his background in applied statistics and computer science when co-developing the NHL Model, a highly successful NHL betting system. A former host and producer of a nationally syndicated sports betting radio show in Canada, Rob has turned away from the world of sports betting to focus on the lucrative hobby of Daily Fantasy Sports. When asked if he has any regrets in life, Rob laughed and said, “I may not be a doctor, but my play on DraftKings certainly pays as though I am.”

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With a degree in engineering, Travis started out scouting minor league video for a prominent Sabermetrician. After learning the ropes, he broke off from his mentor and moved into database warehousing for a prominent innovator of sports betting software. Travis, then used his knowledge and experience to further his own predictive models, building out a high-performing NASCAR algorithm that puts him on the winners’ podium of almost every fantasy racing contest.

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A newcomer to the twitter scene, Lawrence “Larry” Waterhouse is a daily fantasy rookie. After cutting his teeth in the field of cryptology, Larry decided the hustle and bustle world of code breaking wasn’t for him. After quitting his job, Larry searched far and wide for his new passion. He discovered it in the world of daily fantasy sports, where he puts it all on the line in search of freedom. Well that’s the surgical unit that’s putting you under the knife. Other sites may claim to have the best predictive analytics, but none of them are willing to put their names behind their numbers like we do.

-The DFS Doctors

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