Daily Fantasy NFL Projections

Daily Fantasy Projections for NFL Football

If you’re struggling with your lineup construction, or just need that extra hand to win potential millions, you’ve come to the right place. We start by breaking down each player to a projected statistical output. Our winning daily fantasy NFL projections then evaluate each player vs the strength of their opponent, avoiding the pitfall of using recent games as a measure of a players actual strength.

The weekly pricing and scoring metrics for each player are then entered into our proprietary formula, and out come the best free DFS projections available for the NFL. These can be used with confidence regardless of the tournament format you chose to enter.

NFL Player Rankings

No more feeling the shame of hearing that your friends and neighbors are financing lavish lifestyles with their fantasy prowess while you’re stuck watching ESPN hoping for football picks. We analyze all completed tournament data to produce ownership percentages for each player across all recommended sites, then compare this to the cost of the player during the current week to predict whether or not he will be a popular selection.

Combining these predictions on ownership percentage with our projections on output solidifies our NFL player rankings. Using our tips on game selection and bankroll management, all of the strategy you need to build optimized lineups to dominate your daily fantasy league can be found at our clinic.

Free DFS Football Picks

The expansion of the NFL brand means football isn’t just for Sunday’s anymore. With games on 3 days a week, and contests running Thursday through Monday on all of the fantasy sports sites, you’ll need the best DFS projections to build a winning fantasy football team.

Why focus on only one daily fantasy operator? Using our free football picks, you can take advantage of the multiple bonuses and promotions offered by our recommended sites in the time it would take to analyze one box score from the previous week. Analyzing statistics is what we do, so save yourself the headache and follow our recommended advice towards a healthy return on your investment.

Optimal Fantasy Football Lineup

When Roger Goodell said “Fantasy football’s not based on the outcome of a game, it’s based on the performance of the individuals that they select”, the Commissioner highlighted an important part of playing daily fantasy sports. Figuring out which team will win the game isn’t what will return your money and more when entering a DFS contest.

What wins the big dollars when setting an optimal fantasy football lineup is figuring out which players will outperform the teammates around them. While the NFL is a team game, you must highlight the individuals within the team that will record all of the scoring statistics.

While it’s nice seeing your wide receiver get 90 yards on 5 receptions, that won’t do you much good when the 2nd string running back puts up 4 yards rushing while scoring 2 touchdowns. The WR did more to win his team the game, placing the 2nd string running back on your fantasy lineup will win you your daily league. Our projections identify these value plays so you aren’t left wondering “Why didn’t I see that?”

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