DFS Strategy

DFS Strategy

Picking an optimal lineup is only one of the steps towards finishing in the money in any contest, regardless of the sport. After all, if you have the best lineup in terms of points scored but so does everyone else, you’ll be splitting the prize instead of winning it all for yourself.

Our theories on DFS strategy will separate you from the pack. We examine ownership percentage’s from all of the big tournaments, so that you can see which players are constantly owned and which high value players go unnoticed by the masses.

Applying these factors provides the base for our DFS game theory, where our high ceiling players are predicated on low ownership.

Free Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to the world of daily fantasy sports, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the keys to building a championship lineup. We’ve all been there, every DFS Doctor was a beginner themselves, and we’ve put this knowledge into a free beginner’s guide for all players to utilize.

From information and the best sources for monitoring the weather, to how to factor in the Vegas or Offshore Betting Odds in your roster construction, along with an introduction to daily fantasy game theory, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start out on top.

Daily Fantasy Ownership Trends

Upon completion of all major tournaments at our recommended sites, DFSDoctors.com performs a postmortem on the results. We do so to identify daily fantasy ownership trends and commonalities in how our competition are setting their lineups. While the Doctors would like to win every tournament, when we can’t, we learn as much as we can by examining the tools the winning entries employed.

Looking deep into ownership percentages, we identify weaknesses in the pricing of players on all of the daily fantasy sites we frequent. Using our information, you can construct unique lineups employing the theories contained within. All of our patients have access to these projections. Using the theories we teach, you’ll be able to build a team that is all your own.

Apply Vegas Betting Odds

Understanding the sports gambling market is an important aspect in building a +EV daily fantasy team. We’ll teach you how the line originates, along with the factors that influence how the odds move. Finding out which sources to access for the most accurate lines is key to applying Vegas betting odds.

The vast majority of sportsbooks cater to amateur bettors and thus have low limits which are not an accurate indicator of the strength of the betting market. We will identify the books with the sharpest action, so you can have the best projections for a team’s chance of winning along with a fair number for the total score.

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