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Daily Fantasy Projections Football

The opening weekend of the 2015 NFL Season averaged 19.9 million viewers for games on CBS, ESPN, FOX and NBC making it the most watched opening weekend in league history. Many proponents of the league would argue that this uptick was a result of the increased interest generated by off field NFL problems during the off season.

A strong argument can be made that this uptick can be directly linked to the popularity of fantasy football. The large increase in daily fantasy players has increased interest in watching the games and thus caused viewership to spike. With more players entering the prize pool the need for accurate projections that can differentiate your lineup from the rest becomes the biggest factor in seeing a return on your investment.

Building a simulation model that can compete with the daily fantasy football projections of professional players is a lofty task, as most people do not have the computing power to run these programs let alone the expertise needed to write the code. The DFS Doctors are not held back by these constraints and have no issue sharing our results with the public.

College Football DFS

College Football has seen a similar rise in popularity, although much of that could be attributed to the new playoff championship format. CFB DFS is a relatively new endeavor, and continues to grow in popularity as more people become aware. And become aware they will, with the influx of daily fantasy commercials, you can’t watch an NCAA football match without becoming informed about America’s new favorite past time.

Your average college football fan follows the Top 25 ranked teams while favoring their alma mater, this bias carries over to DFS when they set their lineups. This is a double edged sword, not only will they select the most popular players who will then be hamstrung by high ownership percentages, but they will miss out on the high scoring players from lesser known teams.

While the majority of players will field a lineup that they can watch on TV come Saturday, our lineups will have you watching for score updates on your phone. We identify the value, and more often than not, that value is left off of the national broadcast schedule.

Fantasy Scoring Systems

Much like finding success on the playing field, reaping the rewards of daily fantasy sports requires hard work. Picking a lineup out of what appears to be an endless list of available players can be a daunting task for many. When you add that to that fact that all fantasy operators employ different scoring systems, the average player can be left feeling overwhelmed.

We have spent countless hours perfecting our predictive football models, adapting them to the various scoring systems employed today. Understanding the differences between how each site awards fantasy points can change the value of a lineup from one website to the next. We do the dirty work, saving you the time, so that you can focus on picking a winning team.

Fantasy Football Tools

As the D in DFS implies, ‘Daily’ fantasy sports allow all players the opportunity to shake off a bad day by playing a new contest the following one. DFSDoctors.com do all the research for you, giving you projections that would make your mother proud. We factor in stadiums, weather, historical data and coaching trends while ignoring recent performances to provide a ranking system of the top daily fantasy football players.

Our tools lay all of the information out in an easy to understand format. We project the total fantasy points for each player and then relate this figure in terms of points projected per $1000 spent which we term “value”. You’ll want to fill your lineup with as many high scoring players as you can, which can be done by including the cheaper value plays to fill out your lineup without sacrificing output.


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