DraftKings – League of Legends Projections

When forecasting LoL one must factor in the regional player biases which exist in the game as well as identifying which matches will see the most intermediate objectives completed before the team captures the opposing nexus. On DraftKings this leads to a situation where teams which are heavily favored to win the match may not be heavily favored to record the most fantasy points. Our DraftKings League of Legends projections look for the most lethal players, those who will rack up the kills and assists which are given heavy fantasy weight, much like a touchdown or home run in more traditional DFS contests.

While it is generally accepted that regional strength is distributed as Republic of Korea > Europe > North America our projections factor in the Chinese servers. While information about these teams is hard to come by, a recent exodus of South Korean players to Chinese teams has considerably strengthened the competitors from that area leading us to believe that there is competition for the top spot. As such, we try to include players from China in many of our lineups. If you are looking to create a stack lineup, we suggest using no more than 2-3 players from a single team, while looking to group ADC and Support players for positive correlation.

League of Legends DFS Projections for DraftKings


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