Fantasy 101

Fantasy 101

If you’re new to daily fantasy sports you’ve come to the right spot. While all of our recommended operators do a good job of introducing you to this exciting hobby, as Doctors, we always recommend getting a second opinion before making any important decisions.

Making the decision to play a few lineups for fun may not seem to be something you need to research deeply, but when you are investing your money with the hope of profit, it’s best to look outside of the places which you plan on playing at for advice.

Our Fantasy 101 lessons will leave you with informed opinions from the other side of the counter. We are players first and foremost, and thus want what is best for the industry as a whole. Remember that every operator wishes to be the top dog, so they may not give you the full picture despite their best efforts.

Is Daily Fantasy Legal

This is a question many a first timer has asked and the quick and simple answer is yes it is. At the current time, the legality of is not in question. Daily fantasy sports are legal based on a carve out in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIEGA 2006), which specifically allotted for their existence.

While some specific states have chosen to disallow the activity, on the federal level, there are no questions as to whether or not it should be allowed. You can read more on if DFS is legal by clicking here.

Is DFS Gambling

Another important question that ultimately must be answered by you, the end user. There are compelling arguments for both sides, with many noting that it was not designated as such when the UIGEA of 2006 was passed. It is regarding upon as a game of skill, even though most conventional definitions of gambling would seem to place daily fantasy sports squarely in that category.

Trying to answer ‘Is DFS gambling?” we break down the the argument for and against the designation. You can read more on the case by selecting here.

Fantasy Glossary

The daily fantasy community is a fun loving one, using many terms that you won’t find used any where else. From calling home runs ‘Dongs’, to talking about ‘Fish’ and ‘Sharks’, the novice user can be left in the dark when reading the lingo. Our fantasy glossary explains all of the terms you’ll hear on a daily basis.

You can be an integral part of the DFS community on Twitter or Facebook, after all, winning all of the money is nice but not quite as fun as telling everyone else how great you are. Know the terms that the fantasy experts use, so that you can look like a pro with your bankroll and talk like a pro during your victory celebration.

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