DraftKings Masters Millionaire Maker Max Entries

Pile of Money

The following accounts entered the maximum 200 entries in to the 2016 DraftKings PGA US Masters Millionaire Maker tournament. Below the table you can find a link to a google document that lists their individual lineups.

2incher gosixersgo76 pwnasaurus
Aaronfsteinberg guindi989 rayofhope
aejones Halitherses rkolenov
Al_Smizzle Hardfour Rocs
ArtVandelay10 hondizzle SaahilSud
AshyL4rry I_Slewfoot_U SamENole
Assani jae686 shanksalot
atfrost jakelax99 SilverBull
bgwilhite jakz101 SloungerWB
BrandonAdams JBenny9502 smd10431
ByDesign jetblackx soobv
chess_is_ok JLUDEOBV Teddy2080
ChipotleAddict Kevondo TeeJayOrTj
cjkalt kingfi thatch14
cleon202 Kunu88 thesportsgeek
cone999 kutty4 trucksenuf
craps2fun LeGod Two_Monarchs
cubsfan333 mahoneyx4 weeby
DaGodfather mailnurs whunmilliun
Daj5mg Makisupa wilco999
dandydon MLZ29
dbg8141990 mmatard
dcjohn3 Msteinberg09
deadphish notontilt09
DraftCheat OrientalExpress
draftdadof7 owbeezy
drafthero2015 papagates
elicopterboy phillydilly
eritas2 priestapp
fsupete01 PSBC22

You can find the specific lineups for each account listed above here.

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