DraftKings Crashes on Week 1 of NFL

DraftKings Crashes on Week 1 of NFL

As the time slowly ticked down to the start of the first full Sunday of the 2015 NFL Season, so did the wait time to have your entries confirmed by DraftKings. Connectivity issues started at 12:15p, and continued intermittently up until kickoff. Users reported trouble with page loading, but perhaps most importantly, trouble when confirming lineups.

Although things were going sideways, users were still able to enter lineups while the website was experiencing connectivity issues. The DraftKings App proved itself very useful, as many entered lineups and executed transactions on it while the website was not operational.

Beginning at 1:40p EST, the site crashed completely, remaining down for approximately 10 minutes. It appears that DraftKings was not prepared for the large influx of customers their summer long advertising blitz would bring about. In the coming weeks, until you can be sure that DraftKings has solved the issues arising from a large amount of people entering late lineups, we advise getting yours in as early as possible. Not only can you guarantee your spot, but in doing so the load will be reduced on the servers.

We will be monitoring the situation at DraftKings and update you if they experience any more problems.

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