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@mlbmodel – Thanks for the reply again.

“I would question how quantifiable an Advantage Players’ edge ever was considering the pool sizes and vig.”

This is a fascinating statement because not only do I completely agree, but it does bring about the issue of proper bankroll management – i.e. if you can’t accurately quantify your edge, how does a DFS player properly manage his bankroll. Of course, there are simplistic rules which one could adhere to, but it seems on the surface that one could easily see their bankroll destroyed before properly adjusting (see – max obliterating condia before condia realized what was happening) because it seems quite difficult to properly quantify. It’s quite possible I’m an old man and too old to learn new tricks, but this all seems much easier in the sports betting realm. It really shows the several levels of depth/skill needed to be a super profitable DFS player in 2016.

Anyways, thanks for spending the time replying. AG’s always been good to me so I’ll try and pump some #content into the forums here to get this place rolling.

PS – Forum needs a “quote” option if you can turn that on.

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